Chilly, Breanne

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Jul 242014

Seeing tranny on woman porn is always a treat, since you usually only see a shemale paired up with a stud or another tranny. Chilly is the shemale of the hour, and she is pumping spectacular. I love seeing her stretch out her long legs in stockings, especially her sexy tranny toes. Her meatstick is nice and hard, just waiting for attention from her girlfriend Breanne. That model has never had tranny weiner before, but you can tell that she is in absolute love with the idea of being able to fuck the hell out of this oversize manhood tranny.

Jul 192014

Benoite Susan is such a gorgeous Brazilian tranny - her long blond hair is marvelous, her penis is nice and huge, and her tits are great and suckable. Royston Justy is thrilled to death to have a tranny on his hands. They always know how to suck wang just right, and when she leans her head back she has no problem taking a massive face pumping. Her tranny lips work around that weiner, and she doesn't end up choking at all. Then his dickhead goes right into her rump and he rams it home over and over again. Now that's the kind of attention she loves.

Jul 172014

Now this is what you'd call a sexy shemale! She's so beautiful, so feminine - you could take this starlet home to meet your mother, or take her out to dinner with your colleagues and no one would know that she was anything other than a beautiful and glamorous South American diva! In this hot movie, however, we see her secret side come out, as the package hidden in her pants is explored by her boyfriend. There is some hot mutual oral sex, with blow jobs and cocksucking from both parties, before this stocking clad cutie gets reamed in her tight anus hole. She begs for a rough doggystyle pounding and receives a face-full of semen.

Monik Lorran, Andre

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Jul 122014

Monik Lorran is a ebony-haired transsexual who loves to give and receive. Here, she lets a straight man, Andre, nibble on her willy before returning the favor. She then offers her delicious asshole to his throbbing shlong. Monik is a special kind of pre-op tranny who can still cum like a mutherfucker. And here both gladly share generous wads of ejaculate with each other.

Jul 102014

Sometimes, do you get so turned on by seeing a tranny wang that you just require to suck it? That's exactly what happens in this hot scene, as a beautiful brunette shemale with stockings on teases a straight man in the backyard. She is completely nude with her dickhead sticking straight out in front of her, bristling, throbbing and erect. The guy gapes in awe for a moment, fighting the overwhelming desire the he feels to have it in his mouth. He fails, kneeling like a submissive bitch and gulping the tranny manhood down to the back of his throat, heedless of the dribble of salty precum that he tastes. He proceeds to fuck this tranny's anus raw.

Jul 052014

Renata Daniele is a familiar face on the tranny scene, along with a familiar and delicious cock. I love seeing that sweet dick, especially when she wants to put it right in front of the camera to swing it around. She calls over Kaio Blade so that he can go ahead and start sucking her off. It's all about her and her dick today, especially when she pounds it deep inside of his ass. I don't know about you, but the look on his face really makes it all worth it. She keeps on pounding harder and harder until he's moaning at the top of his lungs.

Jul 032014

Grasiele Prado tricks you, but not in the normal way a tranny tricks you. She will start off by sucking at Davidson's cock, making him think that maybe he would be the one on top in this shemale fuck fest. She progresses to where she wants on his cock, and then she pulls him down on top of her dick. She is already totally hard, with her uncut cock just dying for some attention. She watches him work his dick as he's bouncing up and down on her cock, and before she's done with him she stretches him out as far as possible.

Jun 282014

Stefanie Melinda is a innocent tranny teen that has a pair of the cutest, perkiest melons that I have ever seen. I love watching her in action as she slowly strips down for Holden Gilroy. They don't even bother going in the house, they just start right on the front porch. Now I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure someone might just take a look over there and see exactly what they're doing. I love seeing the way she takes his dickhead too - she just pulls at her own penis while he's pounding the hell out of her.

Jun 262014

The only thing hotter than one tranny is two trannies, and that's what you get here with Juliana Mel and Nayla Guimaraes. They are fire and ice to each other, with a petite blond on one hand and a fiery redhead on the other. They go so damn well together though - so well in fact that Andrew Ribeiro just has to fuck the hell out of the both of them. They end up in one wild 69 together at the end , and there is cum flying everywhere, I don't know about you, but that's the ending of one of the hottest scenes I've ever seen.

Jun 212014

Gabriela Silva and Daniella Pill are the type of women you want to get to know - why, you might ask? Why it's simple, because they're really chicks with dicks. I bet you weren't expecting that, now were you? That's okay, not many people expect to see a cock on a chick as hot as this, and I know I would just be dying to get my hands on the pair of them. However Alex Leite really wins out in the end of this scene, because he gets to pound his dick slowly into her tight asshole to have his way with her.